Linnea Swan, The Peahen (2016)

Linnea Swan, The Peahen (2016)





A project-based operation, Forcier Stage Works produces contemporary choreography addressing the workings of the human mind, their application to our interactions, and the ways in which we negotiate co-existence. Developing the work of choreographer Marie France Forcier alongside a core group of collaborators since its 2005 inception, the company has produced over 20 works of various lengths, for venues ranging from large proscenium spaces to obscure public sites. Met with local and international critical acclaim, Forcier Stage Works' performances have been known to trigger their audience's kinaesthetic empathy, and to generate important discussions.  Over the last few seasons, the company has been investigating post-traumatic ideas with increasing depth, both as research methods and as choreographic aesthetics.    

Core collaborators over the years have included composer James Bunton, dancers  Molly Johnson, Louis Laberge-Côté, Brendan Wyatt, Heather MacPhail, Justine Comfort, and Linnea Swan, commissioned choreographer Sharon Moore, lighting designer Gabriel Cropley, and artistic advisor Julia Sasso. 

Forcier Stage Works’ activities are made possible by various educational institutions and arts councils' support, but also, significantly, by the generous contributions of individuals. 

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